Magic Leap One Creator Edition

אחריות: שנה

זמן אספקה: עד 14 ימי עסקים

מחיר משלוח: 48 ₪

מחיר 27,700 ₪
(כולל משלוח: 27,748 ₪)

Magic Leap One Specs


NVIDIA® Parker SOC; 2 Denver 2.0 64-bit cores + 4 ARM Cortex A57 64-bit cores (2 A57’s and 1 Denver accessible to applications)


NVIDIA Pascal™, 256 CUDA cores; Graphic APIs: OpenGL 4.5, Vulkan, OpenGL ES 3.3+


8 GB

מקום אחסנה

128 GB (actual available storage capacity 95GB)


Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Up to 3 hours continuous use. Battery life can vary based on use cases. Power level will be sustained when connected to an AC outlet. 45-watt USB-C Power Delivery (PD) charger


Bluetooth 4.2,

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